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  • Item # PP116
  • Sign of the Times
  • Poppy Parkerô 2 Doll Gift Set
  • The Swinging London Collection
  • Edition Size: 825
  • Estimated Delivery: Mid to Late-Summer 2017
  • Suggested Retail Price: $180.00 US
Doll Tech Specs:
  • Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker
  • Body: Poppy 1.5 (Body disassembles and features newly improved joint stability)
  • Foot Sculpt: Traditional Poppy feet with articulated ankles
  • Skin Tone: FR White
  • Hair Color: Brunette (Doll No.1) and Platinum Blonde (Doll No.2)
  • Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied
  • Quickswitch: No

Poppy is in London and she'd like a Carnaby Street makeover. She hits some of the most popular London boutiques like "Sign of the Times" and gets her hair and makeup done at the grooviest salon in London... Sid Vasoon.

Newly arrived from her modeling stint in Paris, Poppy knows it's time for a new look and this gift set totally delivers! Here you get not one, but two fabulous Poppy Parker dolls in the same super fun collector friendly package, showing Poppy upon her arrival to London from Paris and then post her sleek Mod makeover! Each fully rooted and articulated doll features very distinctive looks, designed to illustrate Poppy's passage to a new evolution of her look as a "Mod"ern teen idol! For adult collectors ages 15 and up only. This doll cannot stand alone; a doll stand is included.