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Phoebe "RAPTURE" Ashe
Phoebe "RAPTURE" Ashe loves to play with people. The ultimate trickster, RAPTURE oves to tell people all sorts of tales about herself and her family, such as the fact that she is the descendant of a long line of gypsies and that this gives her a long list of mystic powers that will allow her to heal your aura. Many people have fallen for her scams and have given her everything from jewelry to money to compensate her for "services rendered". Her little scams eventually backfire and get her into all kinds of trouble, which her band members RIOT and MINX usually have to pull her from. Musically, however, no one can sing like RAPTURE. Her voice is powerful and edgy and her mere presence alone on stage adds a lot to the aura of mystery that THE STINGERS project and RAPTURE knows and loves it!

Phoebe "RAPTURE" Ashe is a 12"-inch fully articulated vinyl fashion doll with luscious rooted blond hair and hand applied eyelashes. RAPTURE is dressed in her unique on-stage costume, which consists of a sexy high-contrast black and yellow top with a matching skirt, black fishnet stockings and gauntlet and high-heeled pumps. RAPTURE also includes her signature black and gold guitar, guitar strap amp cable, a miniature "love potion" recipe, alternate set of hands, a doll stand and a certificate of authenticity. For adult collectors 14 and up only.

Price: $119.00