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Ingrid "MINX" Kruger
Just like her stage name suggests, Ingrid "MINX" Kruger is one of the hottest girls in the rock scene and she knows it. MINX has been heard saying, on multiple occasions, that she can get any man she wants in her sexy, sultry German accent. MINX has a very "take no prisoners" attitude as far as love is concerned. Since her arrival in the US, however, she has been obsessed with JERRICA BENTON's boyfriend RIO PACHECO and will stop at nothing to attract his attention and steal him away from JERRICA. So far, RIO is the only man who has had little trouble resisting her advances, much to her dismay. Musically, MINX is the lead keyboardist of THE STINGERS, she is also an accomplished electronic technician and is an expert at building her own keyboards and musical instruments. Smart, sexy and ultra talented, MINX is quite a little fox!

Ingrid "MINX" Kruger is a 12"-inch fully articulated vinyl fashion doll with luscious rooted blond hair and hand applied eyelashes. MINX is dressed in her on-stage costume, which consists of a sexy star studded bra top, ultra-tight pants, boots and her signature over sized hat and jewelry. MINX also includes her special keyboard synthesizer, amp cable, miniature sheet music, alternate set of hands, a doll stand and a certificate of authenticity.. The synthesizer requires minor assembly; instructions are provided.. For adult collectors 14 and up only.

Price: $119.00